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Building a stronger community for Griswold families and surrounding towns


Hundreds of local volunteers and donors are investing in the future of our community. Will you join them?


To provide high-quality and accessible childcare, support a strong school system, improve the local workforce, and expand affordable housing opportunities through community-based projects. 


Current Project

Griswold Childcare Development Center

Projected opening: Spring 2024


The lack of childcare available impacts more than just parents and employers; it affects the entire community. An estimated 84 children under the age of four need childcare, with only eight available spots between area providers.

Without adequate and accessible care, rural communities like Griswold struggle to attract and retain young families, which impacts the overall economic growth of the community.

Thanks to the generous support of local citizens and businesses, we’re funding a solution. 

But we need your help.

Learn how you can join the Griswold Childcare Development Center Capital Fundraising Campaign today. 

Why Childcare

Economic and Community Impact


Stronger Schools

Providing a positive experience for young families makes them more likely to enter our school system, keeping the student funding in our district.


Improved Local Economy

Childcare offers the community increased local earnings and tax revenue, including additional local job


Robust Local Workforce

Affordable and accessible childcare allows parents to pursue employment and professional opportunities.


To build a stronger community, we need everyone’s help. 

Here are three ways you can show your support:


  • Be informed about the project and education others. 

  • Volunteer your time and expertise on one of our sub-committees. 

  • Donate to the capital campaign. 

You have the potential to create a better future for the next generation by impacting local children, families, and the community.

Get Invoved

What Your Gift Makes Possible

Your investment will support the development, building, and launch of Griswold’s first-ever community childcare center, including:

  • Recruiting and retaining qualified caregivers

  • Building the child development facility

  • Developmentally appropriate furnishings, materials, and technology needs

  • Curriculum and educational supplies to facilitate learning

Ongoing operational funding sources will include tuition income, state assistance, and annual giving opportunities.


The Noble Initiative Foundation Board is a group of local individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise donating their time and talents to invest in the future of Griswold and the surrounding area.


Along with many other community volunteers, this group is raising support for the Griswold Childcare Development Center. The Noble Initiative Foundation is a board-governed 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

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